Time Management

Poor Time Management or Organisation

Students who have left their assessment to the last minute are more likely to engage in misconduct. There are a range of strategies teachers can adopt to help support students in developing their assessment response over time and in developing their skills in managing their own time effectively:
  • Use regular checkpoints on assignments to keep track of student progress, and where a student is not making suitable headway, work with the student, and perhaps their parent or carer, to find a time to catch up, with support.
  • Provide scaffolding where suitable to help students work through the task logically, and have prompts about each stage so they know what is expected or how they might start that section of the task. 
  • When handing out an assignment task, model time management strategies. e.g. Point out that they will have some in class time, but the swimming carnival will reduce that one week. Have them consider their after-school commitments and plan accordingly for the recommended time they should have available to work on the assessment individually. 
  • Use the assessment draft as an intervention point. If the draft is not submitted or not of a suitable standard, follow school policy and proactively engage with parents and pastoral and/or academic leaders to ensure the student can catch up.