Performance culture

Ingrained cultures of performance over mastery

Academic misconduct is related to disproportionate focus on extrinsic outcomes (e.g. grades, awards, unversity entry, parental expectation) to the detriment of intrinsic elements such as personal learning progress and growth (e.g. developing knowledge and skills along with increased self-awareness and metacognition skills).

Demonstrate the intrinsic, personal value and enjoyment of learning

    • Help students to develop their autonomy, competency and relatedness.
    • Where possible, give students control over their learning to foster a growing sense of autonomy.
    • Give students multiple opportunities to engage with new ideas and skills so they can achieve a sense of competency and progress.
    • Make the learning relevant to their lives and interests to promote engagement.
    • Develop a school culture that values not only excellence but growth and effort.