A Teacher's Guide to Academic Integrity & GAI


This guide is designed to assist secondary school teachers and administrators to navigate rapid changes in technology while fostering academic integrity in their school setting. Like many educators, teachers at The Glennie School in Toowoomba have been navigating both the challenges and the potential benefits of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI). This open resource has been developed based on these first-hand experiences, in partnership with a team of researchers from the University of Southern Queensland. 
Taking a technology neutral approach, the guide does not advocate for banning or embracing particular technologies on principle, but rather seeks to explore ways in which student learning can be reinforced, or even enhanced in the age of GAI. This requires approaches that are equitable, ethical and pedagogically sound. The guide is organised around the Australian Curriculum’s General Capabilities to highlight how all learning areas can develop academic integrity whilst also responsibly embracing the exciting opportunities offered by new learning tools. Policy documents and other resources are included to support the development of such approaches, although these may require adaption to your learning context, or as new technologies emerge.  

This is an Open Educational Resource (OER). This means that you are encouraged to share and adapt it.

Understanding GAI
What do we need to know about Generative Artificial Intelligence​?
How can we build a culture of academic integrity in our school?
How can we make the most of new technologies while promoting academic integrity?​
What can we do when a student engages in academic misconduct?​